How To Incorporate in Delaware

​Want to know how to incorporate in Delaware? Here's what you should know


With a retired regulator on the team, Americap offers expert insight into insurance regulation. We work closely with the insurance departments in the states in which we operate and know the legislation in detail. In fact, team members have trained regulators and helped to draft legislation for various states and countries.
Quality Service

Great personal relationships are the foundation of our business. Americap attaches great value to the interactions between its staff and customers. By working closely together, we can design better solutions that fit the precise needs of clients.

Americap has designed and managed all types of insurance companies insuring all lines of business, both life and non-life. We have worked with specialized programs covering industry wide associations and other groups.
Management of Risks

​Every business has risks that it must face and deal with. Some are not easily identified and others may seem impossible to surmount. Americap offers decades of experience in managing and mitigating risks using captives and other risk management techniques.  

Tax Considerations 

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Americap Solutions, LLC (Americap) is a boutique captive management company that is the brainchild of two experienced and innovative experts in the world of captive insurance. The mission is to provide unique risk management solutions by thinking outside the box. This is how the captive insurance movement began and Americap aims to continue to develop new techniques that will both improve overall risk management and enhance the bottom line for their clients.The principals of Americap have over 80 years' combined experience in insurance and risk management and have been instrumental in developing new products and procedures that have improved insurance and risk management programs to the benefit of their own clients and of other corporations worldwide. Americap Solutions, LLC is a Delaware corporation which specializes in providing captive management services for captive insurance companies (captives) that are licensed in that state. Delaware is one of over 30 US states that offer legislation permitting the formation of captives and sets itself apart from the competition with a flexible and user friendly approach to regulation. At the heart of this is the Series Business Company which is an excellent tool for making captive facilities available to a wider range of corporations.We can, and do, work with other domiciles whenever the choice benefits our clients.

Innovative Risk Management

Solutions For the 21st Century  It's one of the most important things we can do, but it's also the most overlooked. Here at AmeriCap Solutions   we'll help you guide you through the world of alternative risk financing.