Americap offers experience of setting up and running captive insurance companies in many domiciles, including several states and selected offshore island nations. This experience, and developments in the regulation of financial services in general, has led us to focus on domiciles that fall under US jurisdiction. However, there are often situations that favor the use of other domiciles and Americap can work with any territory that has acceptable captive legislation. We constantly monitor changes in law and regulatory practice and the two domiciles that we believe currently offer the best legal frameworks are:

The First State set out to create a domicile that is effective and user friendly and offers unique flexibility. It is clear that they have succeeded in achieving this and Delaware has become one of the most popular domiciles for captives. The greatest innovation is the Series Business Companies which have become a very useful tool for advanced risk management.

United States Virgin Islands
The US Virgin Islands has been a captive domicile for more than two decades and is unique in its ability to combine both offshore and onshore advantages. All of the best features of captive legislation are offered along with unique benefits that do not exist in mainland domiciles. It is a US territory nonetheless, and the provisions of ERISA can be applied for captives covering employee benefits, while exemptions can apply in other areas.