What can Americap do for You? 

1. Solve your Risk Management Challenges. We will carefully review your current insurance program and other risk management facilities and help you fill in gaps, remove unneeded items and improve the overall efficiency of your risk management. This may or may not include the introduction of a captive.

 2. Form your Captive Insurance Company. If a captive is right for you, we can set it up, no matter what kind of captive you need. This will include fronting and reinsurance arrangements and all of  the documentation you will need to get licensed and operational.

 3. Manage Your Captive Insurance Company. Unless you have in house insurance expertise available to you, we will manage every aspect of your captive. We can do the bookkeeping and maintain all the records that are needed, including policy and claims registers. You will not have to worry about underwriting, dealing with claims or making sure that your captive is always in compliance with state and federal laws.

 4. Enroll you in a Series Business Company. It may be that a fully fledged captive does not fit into your risk management strategy but there are other options. They include cells of a protected cell captive and Series Business Companies. We have the ability to introduce you to whichever of these vehicles best suits your plans.

 5. Provide Third Party Insurance. In the US, even a single parent captive has to take on third party risks, in order for its insureds to claim deductions for the premiums. We have a solution to this that eliminates the risk of a disastrous third party claim.

 6. Help you get your existing captive back on track. Is your captive performing exactly as you planned, or is it being audited by the IRS or failing to meet compliance standards? If you have a problem, we can help you sort it out and get back on track.